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In 2015, I asked a person I was communicating with for a brief statement of his thoughts concerning my website, since he had visited it several times and downloaded my Bible and many of my books and articles.  His response was this. . . .

- E. of TX, 2015  “As far as I can remember you have not accepted the responsibility or challenge of being my spiritual teacher. This being the case, don’t ask me to ‘judge’ your beliefs. . . .  Surely you know that your doctrines are unusual to say the least.  I know of no group of Christians, not one, that embrace your understanding of Christianity.”  

More’s the pity E of TX, But thank you for your candor.  You stated you were not a judge of my beliefs, yet broadly judged them to be in error on the basis of what others believe.  Even so, some of what you said is true. The Bible’s image of Christianity does not agree with every aspect of the worldview of Christianity. You did exactly what I have said many times in my writings that should not be done; you tested one person's doctrines by your own and other’s doctrines. Not once did you indicate that you used the Bible to test the spirit of what I believe and what I write. Not once did you indicate that what I say agrees or disagrees with the Bible, only with what yourself and others believe.

- P. of WA, 2016   Article: Understanding End Time Prophecy:  It was compelling to read. I got caught on the calendar,  but that was because I was over thinking it in trying to understand it. I should have read on to read the section first, then come back to the image. The rest of the paper was easy to read. Actually, it was so compelling that I developed a deep need to do my due diligence to live in the word of our Lord to protect me from error.  I don't know if that will be the same response from others, but it was moving for me.  

-From GK in Poland, November 2015
"Dear Mary, 
Recently I  found your translation Word YHVH Bible. I precious your work first of all for introduction the Divine Name in form YHVH and great change in Matthew 28:19. I  reviewed at some angles your translation and in separate file I give you my notes and propositions of changes. Please, your choice of them all that are good in your eyes.   May YHWH bless you and lead to more brighter Light."

Thank you GK.  I have read your proposals.  After some thought and comparison, I choose to decline your proposals for the word changes you suggest.   For instance, Strong's Bible dictionary translation for the Greek word stauros suggests stake or post (as something upright) also pole or cross.  I believe the word cross is the more appropriate choice for this translation.   The pole or post of Christ doesn't carry the same message impact as the cross of Christ.  
-Twitter @UnitedinVerse   June, 2015
God Bless Your Success and Ministry! We're grateful for your love and gift

-aw-ministries.com, January 2015    a silent testimony by action--recommendation
Posted recommendation on blog page--"Many Different Doctrines? But why?
"Maybe you would like to take the time to compare different Bible translations and to even read this free book. Or should we say, you should take the time to compare different Bible translations and to even read this free book………."  "Getting To Know Your Bible" 

bukuonline.fh4u.net, 2015  a silent testimony by action--link, item #17
Nostradamus prophesies--2015  link to Nostradamus Syndrome and other articles on HOME page

-webstatsdomain.org,  2013    a silent testimony by action-link  
link on their page-"Most popular spirit of Jesus websites"

-Heaven Net,   May 2007
"I have checked out your website and find it very well done!  I will read more on your teachings as time allows!   Good to share with you and hope you stay around.   You seem to be a very wise and virtuos woman."

-docin.com, 2006  a silent testimony by action- copy and link
Partial copy of my article -- "Seventy sevens of years to completion"
YHVH's judgments and warnings of Christ's soon coming during tribulation period. http://www.prophecybythebook.com/seal_seven.html (Note: this article has since been updated on this website)
-divine-spirit.com, 2005    a silent testimony by action.  Ministry in India
Part of one of my articles on the Lampstand.  Posted on their page, "Reflections of Messiah in the Tabernacle. "
-Caroline,  2001  "Keep doing what you're doing."


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-Jim,   JULY 2014
Thank you for the WYB bible.   I am reading it daily and enjoying it very much.  I like having the name of YHVH in the bible.  It makes me feel like he is talking to me.   I also like having a quick reference book for the notes in the bible.  Thank you for having the courage to make his name known to all believers.

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